Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Chalkboards Galore!

Doesn't it seem like everywhere you turn something is being repurposed into a chalkboard?? Here are some of my favorite chalkboard ideas.

1. THE CHALKBOARD WALL: I love the idea of doing this in a craft room or play room.

2. CHALKBOARD MUG: These mugs are an adorable gift idea. You can customize prior to giving them or leave them blank. Either way, your special someone is going to have a really fun cup of coffee. You can buy these cutesties here.

Chalkboard Mugs

3. CHALKBOARD ORGANIZERS: I'm always looking for creative and aesthetically pleasing ways to get organized. Here are some mason jar organizers that you can proudly display. Buy these here.

 Get Organized Rectangle Vinyl Chalkboard Labels Sticker Set of 12

Monday, August 1, 2011

space saving rack

I find myself endlessly fascinated by smart designs that work in small spaces. Our current home, is the perfect size for us, but incorporating items such as this would definitely help make our home feel larger. In this design, the wall tiles can hold everything from keys to coats.

We all need shelves to hold all of our stuff, but isn't it exciting to think about being able to have the shelves disappear when they are not being used.


For pricing and design information, click here.