Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Black Swan

Ok, so on Sunday I finally was able to convince my boyfriend to go with me to see the movie Black Swan.  I don't really have words for this movie. It was dark, visually stunning and full of complexity...all the things that I love in a movie.

On top of it, I respect Natalie Portman to the 10th degree for putting so much time and energy into training for this role. There is nothing more annoying than watching a dance movie and seeing an actress play the role of a dancer when she clearly has little to no dance experience. Natalie Portman was incredibly believable and felt completely authentic. I read that she trained for over a year for this role, dancing six days a week for five or more hours a day.

So, amongst all of the many positive things I can say about Black Swan, I was completely blown away by the costuming. From streetwear to dancewear, her fashions were out of this world perfection. In an article by Sandra Colton, Black Swan costume designer, Amy Westcott describes her challenge in creating the fashions in this film. “You have these people who watch the film that know their stuff. They know the intricacies and they know what’s right and what’s wrong. It’s a very strict following in that way. I knew that ballerinas would watch it. So for that kind of thing, you have to really walk the line of making sure it looks great on film but that it stays realistic. That’s always a challenge to make it look really interesting but to stay true to the world. You have to get the details right.”

I love how throughout the film, they dressed Natalie in soft, pale hues and angelic whites. This color palette beautifully contrasted the blacks and reds in her final Black Swan piece. 

Isn't this final costume just stunning? I would die to wear a tutu like this. As a dancer, this movie appealed to me on so many levels. If you haven't seen it yet, this is a MUST SEE.


  1. SHE is stunning! The costumes make me wish I was a ballerina, or even just and dancer, really. haha

    my favorite part was when she becomes the black swan at the end, wings and all. SO magical. :)

    i wander, i wonder

  2. love the photos

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