Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A personal touch during the holidays

Along with all of the grocery shopping, I also have put together a couple of personal touches for our Thanksgiving table. Today, I wanted to share my pinecone nametags. These are incredibly easy to make. I went to Michaels and purchased their glitter paper (which is a heavier cardstock that is covered in glitter on one side and white on the other).

I then took a pair of curvy edged scissors and cut out rectangles. After cutting the rectangles, I flipped over the glitter and wrote each guest's name.

I then folded over each side and cut small slits so that I could fold over the top and bottom of the rectangle.

After getting all of the sides folded inward, I took my nifty glue gun and secured all of the edges. 

I took the finished nametag and inserted each card into little pine cones. This whole project cost under $5!  Quite the bang for your buck if you ask me.


  1. These are so cute; I love the glitter paper! (I just saw your comment on Cupcakes & Cashmere and wanted to check out your name tags as well.) Very nice!

    xx Kara

  2. what a cute idea! <3 it!