Monday, November 15, 2010

What's inside your pantry?

As much as I like organization, I struggle to attain a level of organization as blissful as this. On the outside my house appears rather tidy, but upon closer look, you'll find a pantry packed with various bags, containers and boxes...utter chaos.

Emersonmade Home featured on Design Sponge

Pantry featured in Country Living

The beauty of these pantries inspired me over the weekend to head to Ikea and mimic this aesthetic on a tight budget. I purchased the jars on the left in various sizes. I was immediately attracted to these because they seemed a little more elegant than the other options at ikea. 

I also grabbed a bunch of these containers on the right because they seemed perfect for housing all of my nuts and dried fruits. 

I'm going to organize myself silly tonight and I'll post the before and after. 

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